2008 Veterinary Research Scholars

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Cynthia Alvarado, VM2, University of TennesseeDr. Bob Livingston, DVM, PhD, ACLAM
Emily Basler, VM2 University of MissouriDr. John Middleton, DVM, PhD, ACVIM
Michael Betley, VM2, University of MissouriDr. Yuksel Agca, PhD
Annie Chih, VM2, University of MissouriDr. Rebecca Johnson, PhD, RN, FAAN
Maria Evola, VM2, University of MissouriDr. Marc Hamilton, PhD
Rachel Halpin, VM2, University of MissouriDr. Charlie Brown, PhD
Mark Harmon, VM2, University of MissouriDr. Cathleen Kovarik, DVM, PhD
Kimberly Hause, VM2, University of MissouriDrs. Leah Cohn, DVM, PhD, ACVIM and John Middleton, DVM, PhD, ACVIM
Katharine Horzmann, VM2, University of MissouriDrs. Harold Laughlin, PhD and James Turk, DVM, PhD, ACVP
Jessie Krause, VM2, University of MissouriDr. Susan Schommer, PhD
Christine Nagel, VM2, University of MissouriDr. Jimi Cook, DVM, PhD, ACVS
Paul Nolen, VM2, University of TennesseeDrs. Craig Franklin, DVM, PhD, ACLAM and Matt Myles, DVM, PhD, ACLAM
Amanda Perman, VM1, University of MissouriDr. Elizabeth Bryda, PhD
Rachel Ray, VM3, University of MissouriDr. Rebecca Johnson, PhD, RN, FAAN
Heather Wise, VM1, University of MissouriDr. Kevin Keegan, DVM, MS, ACVS
Ben Yarnall, Pre-Vet Scholar, University of MissouriDr. Aaron Stoker, PhD

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2008 MU VRSP Activities

Evening Research Topics Course
DateTitle of PresentationSpeaker(s) / Leader(s)
3/12/08Scholar OrientationDr. Franklin and VRSP faculty
3/21/08Phi Zeta Research Day
4/2/08Mentor OrientationFr. Franklin and VRSP faculty
5/8, 5/12/08Experimental Design WorkshopDr. Keegan and VRSP faculty
5/28, 6/2/08Describing Your Research in 5 minutes: The Elevator StatementDr. Evans
6/9/08Translational ResearchDr. Cook
7/14/08How to Design a PosterMr. Wilson, Dr. Franklin
8/6/08Career Pathways and Symposium ReviewDr. Franklin
8/11/08Research in PharmaceuticalsDr Jim Turk and Pfizer faculty
8/14/08Post-DVM Graduate OpportunitiesCVM post-DVM graduate students
3/21/09Presentations at Phi Zeta Research Day
Tours, Trips and Social Events
5/21/08Dinner to kick off program (coupled with Dr. Keegan’s talk)
6/2/08Happy Hour welcome for Paul Nolen and Cynthia Alvarado (coupled with Dr. Evan’s talk)
7/10/08Tour of Bayer and the Stowers Institute in Kansas City, Missouri
7/11/08Visit Worlds of Fun amusement park ( Kansas City, MO) with Kansas State and Oklahoma State University scholars – Science Olympics, barbeque and a day at the park
7/17/08Tour of Oklahoma Health Science Center BSL2 and baboon breeding facilities ( Oklahoma City, OK) with Kansas State and Oklahoma State University scholars
8/2-8/4/08Attend 2007 Merial-NIH Symposium
8/6/08Dinner to review symposium and program (coupled with Dr. Franklin’s talk)
8/11/08Tour of Pfizer in St. Louis, MO (coupled with talks by Dr Turk and Pfizer faculty)
8/14/08Happy Hour with post-DVM graduate students (coupled with discussions about career opportunities)