BIOMED Undergraduate Online Courses

BIOMED 1010: Biomedical Career Explorations (1)
An introductory course for students interested in a career or different career in biomedical sciences. example syllabus

BIOMED 2110: Biomedical Terminology (3)
Terms commonly used in the life sciences.  example syllabus

BIOMED 2111: Veterinary Medical Terminology (1)
Terms exclusive to veterinary medicine.  example syllabus

BIOMED 2120: Essentials of Animal Handling and Physical Restraint (2)
How to handle and physically restrain domestic or tame non-domestic animals.  example syllabus

BIOMED 2130: Introduction to Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology (3)
Primer for veterinary anatomy and physiology of domestic animals. example syllabus

BIOMED 2230: Farm Animal Sanitation and Disease Prevention (3)
Methods for preventing transmission of disease in production animals.  example syllabus

BIOMED 4335: Comparative Physiology of Health and Disease (3)
An overview of mammalian physiology. example syllabus

BIOMED 3100: Biomedical Pathophysiology (3)
An introduction to how diseases affect body functions. example syllabus

BIOMED 3219: Elements of Comparative Anatomy (3)
Comparative anatomy of various species in veterinary technology.  example syllabus

BIOMED 3300: Animal Welfare and Ethics (3)
Ethical issues related to domestic animal welfare.  example syllabus

BIOMED 3326: Principles of Veterinary Pharmacology (3)
General principles of pharmacodynamics in domesticated animals. example syllabus

BIOMED 3400: Domestic Animal Behavior in Veterinary Practice (2)
An introductory course into the behavior of dogs and cats. example syllabus

BIOMED 4110: Veterinary Cytology (2)
Microscopic antemortem evaluation of cells of the body . example syllabus

BIOMED 4120: Principles of Toxicology (3)
External poisons effects on the body.  example syllabus

BIOMED 4250: Human-Animal Bond in Veterinary Practice (3)
Interactions that mutually benefit humans and animals. example syllabus

BIOMED 4320: Fundamentals of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care (3)
Information and skills to assist in an emergency and critical care facility. example syllabus

BIOMED 4333: Veterinary Cell Biology (4)
Molecular and biochemical functions of cells.  example syllabus

BIOMED 4420: Canine and Feline Nutrition (3)
Basics on proper nutrition of the dog and cat. example syllabus

BIOMED 4500: Equine Critical Care & Nursing (3)
Specialty medical care for horses.  example syllabus

BIOMED 4510: Equine Clinical Anatomy: Forelimbs (1)
Anatomical structures of the horse’s forelimbs.  example syllabus